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Congratulations to the Riot Axe Random Draw Doubles Tournament 2022 Champions!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer 2022 Riot Axe Random Draw Doubles Tournament!

See the full tournament on the Riot Axe YouTube channel!

Congratulations to the champions, team Monstars: Curious Georgie and Angelo! Their entry fees will be donated to Hope House.

Check out the other awesome teams that participated:

Duel Fuel: Brit and Julie

Team Extreme: Axe-O-Lotl and Carebear

Bloodbath & Beyond: Clean Dave and Riot Max

Usual Suspects: Dougles and MadMats

The Cheeze Weasels: Jed-I and The Graham 👀👀

Thunder Ducks: Kat and Jon V

Slapnut Magoo: Pig-Pen and Ryan Axe

The Disco Stus: Buttercup and Christina



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